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Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The Journal is guided by ethical standards, recommended by the Committee on Publication Ethics. We recommend to read the relevant rules at the COPE official website:

We also recommend to get acquainted with the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit, recommended by the «Elsevier»:

We also recommend to read the «Elsevier» recommendations on how to avoid the violations of the Publication Ethics while preparing the academic publication:

The authors are responsible for the originality of submitted manuscripts, which must not contain plagiarism and must not be previously published in other journals.

We check all submitted manuscripts for plagiarism. Along with the article manuscripts, the authors send a cover letter in which (1) they clearly indicate their consent to the publication of their article in our journal and electronic resources, (2) they confirm that the article had not been previously sent to other journals.
The editors of the
CIMC guarantee that each manuscript we consider impartially, regardless of the author’s gender, race, nationality, religion, citizenship, etc.