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Peer Review Policy


All the papers are reviewed by two independent experts, appointed by the Editorial Board from a number of the well-known experts in the relevant scientific field. The final decision to publish or to decline the paper is made by the Editor-in-Chief, who is guided in his actions by the conclusions of the experts. When submitting the article, the author can request to exclude two scientists or two universities/institutes from the list of possible experts.

Peer review procedure may take up to 10 weeks, depending on the workload of experts and on the complexity of the subject. The Editorial Board informs the author of the reviewers’ comments and of the decision to accept or to decline the paper.

If the decision is positive, the author makes the appropriate corrections and sends to the editorial board the final version of the paper. This amended version is signed by the author and by the experts to print, and no further changes are allowed. While approving the content of the issue, the Editorial Board takes into account the date of receipt of the final version of the paper.

Scientists, who want to take part in the peer review procedure of the Journal, should have a degree in the relevant scientific fields, the appropriate experience and high reputation in the academic world. Please send your resume to the Editorial Board at