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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2021, no.29, 67-77


UDC 654.195:654.197:654.148:7.097»2020/2021» 

Visual Methods of Television Content in the Christmas and New Year Period

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Vita Goian (a)*, Tetyana Rogova (b)

(a) D.Sci., Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Cinema and TV Art, Educational-Scientific Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. ORCID: 0000-0002-1207-3800. Email:

(b) PhD, Senior Lecturer at the Journalism Department, Zaporizhzhia National University. Email:

* Corresponding author’s email:


In the research were analyzed visual techniques that were used to fill the content of Ukrainian TV channels in the period from the beginning of December to the end of January. The Christmas and holiday season are not officially included in a separate category of TV programming, but the season is fundamentally important for attracting the viewer’s attention and for setting the further price of airtime for advertisers. The article is one of the first attempts to consider this aspect broadly/extensively and to outline the current vectors of studying the specifics of the program content of TV channels in the period of Christmas and holiday season, therefore this article is promising for the applied social communications area. In order to describe the main visual techniques, that are used in television content, the authors emphasize on their diversity, also they leave space for the further analysis of other nonverbal and verbal elements of the screen communication, that are used during festive period. Researchers have selected the TV channels logos, the program broadcast in the night from December 31.12.20 to January 01.01.2021, as well as other screen products of the different genres, telefilms and movies, that were shot and presented on TV broadcast in different years. Among the main research methods were used the following: content-analysis, which contributed to a thorough study of the software network of TV channels broadcasting, observation and comparison, which helped to outline the common and different characteristics of software products and broadcasts in general, induction method, which helped to form the key screen concepts. The suggested conclusions provide grounds for the statement, that the choice of content for filling TV channels during festive season is based on commercial inquiries, creative and technological resources of the television producers. In addition, the authors mention the segment of Christmas and New Year congratulations of head of state as promising for the further research.

KEYWORDS: TV broadcast, television, holiday, movie, show, advertisement.


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