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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2020, no. 28

Table of Contents

Editorial   (PDF)

Stressogenic Elements of the Latent Impact of Real Media Reports about the COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Groups (Reporting Methodology and Research Planning)

Volodymyr Rizun, Yurii Havrylets, Alla Petrenko-Lysak, Sergii Tukaiev, Anton Popov, Daryna Ivaskevych, Yuliia Yachnik

Abstract     Full text (PDF)

Esports Clubs’ Work in Media Spaces: Distinctive Features

Oleksandr Petryk, Alexander Meleshchenko, Anastasiia Volobuieva

Abstract     Full text (PDF)

Women’s Potential and Challenges in the Local Algerian Radio: The Case of «Al-Hudhna» Radio (Content analysis)

Yakoub Badji, Saidani Selami

Abstract     Full text (PDF)

The Problem of Truth in Journalism on the Verge of Epochs

Svitlana Petrenko

Abstract     Full text (PDF)

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