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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2020, no.28, 43-55


UDC 007:654.195.007-055,2(65)

Women’s Potential and Challenges in the Local Algerian Radio: The Case of «Al-Hudhna» Radio (Content Analysis)

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Yakoub Badji(a)*, Saidani Selami(b)

a Ph.D. Student, Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University. Email:

b Doctor of information and Communication, Mohamed Boudiaf University, M’Sila, 28000, Algeria. Email:

* Corresponding author’s e-mail:


According to the importance and their multiple contributions to development in society, there are communities where women are still disproportionately affected by media inequality. Especially through the kind of programs that have been ignored by the mass media, despite a smaller amount of content featuring their lack of expertise and views or even their attitudes, and due to the lack of academic research in this field in Algeria. In addition to the Algerian women’s needs in media contents, this inquiry aims to discuss the contents of Algerian local radio «Al-Hudhna» for women. This study aims to identify their various media issues and essential needs, including economic, cultural, health, entertainment needs, to constitute a platform for media strategic planning and to employ the media message to meet those needs for Algerian women.

KEYWORDS: Algerian Radio, Women’s Media Needs, Journalism Practices, Content Analysis.


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Interview with Mr. Farid Radawi, radio producer, on 14/12/2019 at 15:30, in his office, «Al-Hudhna» local radio in M’sila, Algeria.

Interview with Mr.Bouzid Rahmoun, radio producer, on 14/12/2019, at 15:30, at «Al-Hudhna» local radio station. In M’sila, Algeria.

Interview with Mrs. Faiza Farhat, radio director, on 07-12-2019 2015 at 14:30, at the local radio station in M’sila. Algeria.

Interview with Mrs.: Bahlouli Ashwaq, Radio Director, on 08-12-2019 2015, at 15:30, at the local radio in M’sila.

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