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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2019, no. 25

Table of Contents


Editorial   (PDF)


Prime Time News of the Leading Ukrainian TV Channels Ahead of the Presidential Elections: News Monitoring Results – March 2019

Natalia Kostenko, Valerii Ivanov

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Using Framing as a Public Manipulation Tool by Ukrainian Media (Shown on the Critics of President of Ukraine on 2018 – Beginning of 2019)

Artem Zakharchenko, Serhii Stukanov, Anton Sanchenko

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


First Commercial Private Radio Stations in Ukraine: From Experiments to Business

Oles Goian, Vita Goian

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Textbooks for the New Ukrainian School as a Means of
Effective Educational Communication: Discourse Analysis and Problems of the Culture of the Edition

Maryna Zhenchenko, Igor Zhenchenko, Yaroslavа Prykhoda, Tatyana Kharlamova

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


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