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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2018, no. 24

Table of Contents


Editorial   (PDF)


Shifts in the Autonomic Nervous System Defined by the Valence of TV News

Sergii Tukaiev, Yurii Havrylets, Volodymyr Rizun, Maksym Khylko, Igor Zyma, Mukola Makarchuk, Evdokia Reshetnik, Victoriia Kravchenko, Olena Dolgova, Ivan Seleznov

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Utilisation of Uses and Gratifications Theory and Newspapers by Citizens for Political Information Purposes

Alex Eloho Umuerri

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Predatory Journals as a Threat to Science, Scientific Communication, and Author’s Reputation

Svitlana Fiialka

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Ukrainian Media as the Research Object in Peer-Reviewed Journals Indexed in the Top Scientometric Bases: Review

Artem Zakharchenko

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


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