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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2018, no. 23, pp. 35-46

ISSN 2312-5160


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Readers as the Subjects of Ukrainian Book Publishers’ Communication in the Modern Media Space

Tetiana Yezhyzhanska

Institute of Journalism, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, 13b/112а Marshala Tymoshenka St., Kyiv, 04212, Ukraine

* Corresponding author’s e-mail address: t.yezhyzhanska[@]



The influence of readers on the communication of the publishing organization in the modern media space was analysed in this study. The main objective was to find out the role of readers in the communication of book publishers in Ukraine.

To achieve the objective of the study, the author used the method of analysis of scientific sources and the method of scientific generalization. The author also applied the method of observation through polling the visitors of the Book Arsenal in Kyiv and the Book Forum in Lviv during 2016-2018.

It was explored that among the visitors of the largest Ukrainian book publishing forums, one-third of the active media consumers were interested in the events of the book publishing market, they created and distributed media content by themselves.

It was proved that active consumers became prosumers and effectively influenced the communication policy of the publishing houses.

It was recommended to the publishers’ PR-managers to properly consider modern changes in the media space which influence the readership activity, to adopt a culture of interaction with the readers, to use them as an effective source of dissemination of information about book novelties, and to try turn them into promoters of the publishing houses’ brands.


KEYWORDS: book publishers; PR; public relations; PR communications; publishing communication.



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