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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2017, no. 22, pp. 52-70

ISSN 2312-5160


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Information Implementation of Scientific and Innovative Projects in Exhibition Activity Formats

Iryna Komashchenko

Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 36/1 Melnikova str., 04119 Kyiv, Ukraine

* Corresponding author’s e-mail address: irina.pidgorodetsky[@]



The aim of the study was to identify the specific features, advantages, disadvantages and availability of applying the exhibition model to present the results of scientific and innovative activities. The tasks for achieving this goal included the analysis of approaches to understanding exhibitions in the works of Ukrainian and foreign scholars; shaping the definition of exhibition activities in the context of innovations presentation; identification of the features of exhibition model by parameters of research communication models innovations presentation; identification of advantages, disadvantages and perspectives of the exhibition model for presenting results of the innovation activities.

Research methods. The study of the exhibition model of presenting innovations was carried out on the example of the Innovation Market International Forum, with applying the method of included monitoring. The data obtained during the observation were systematized according to the following parameters: mission of communication, concept, possibilities, advantages and disadvantages for the subjects of innovation activity, possible communication channels, and prospects of application. With the help of social communication approach the exhibition activity was considered as a tool for the development of the innovative potential of society through the presentation of contemporary scientific achievements at the exhibitions and popularization of innovation activity among the audience. The study identified the peculiarities of presentation of the start-up projects at the Innovation Market International Forum. Analysis of the ways of providing information made it possible to make conclusions about the peculiarities of participants’ preparations for the exhibitions, and about the priority use of technical possibilities for presenting the achievements. The interview method was used to survey the representatives of the leading universities (participants of the Innovation Market Forum) regarding the presentation and implementation of research results, priority directions of universities’ innovation activities, and interaction with media in the context of presentation of innovative products by students and university staff. Besides, the quantity of the media materials published after the Innovation Market Forum were compared with the number of media representatives accredited at the event – to measure the journalists’ activity in media covering the events on scientific achievements presentation.

Results and conclusions are based on proving of the hypothesis about the prospects of exhibition model for presentation of the scientific achievements, accompanied by the identification of advantages of this model for each selected subjects of innovation activity (representatives of science, business, and media). The obtained results proves the effectiveness of the exhibition model for presentation of the scientific achievements, provided with the following components of social communication activities: facilitating the communication and cooperation among the subjects of innovation activity, stimulating the competitive innovation market through the implementation of multi-vector communication among its participants, ensuring the use of the entire spectrum of communication channels during the presentation of innovations. The results of the study will be used for further research and comparison of communication models of presentation of innovations in terms of their perspectives and expediency to stimulate the innovation activity of the country.


KEYWORDS: communication model; presentation of innovations; exhibition activity; subjects of innovation activity.



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