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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2016, no. 20

Table of Contents


Editorial   (PDF)


Memorial Culture in Ukraine in the Context of Media Perception of Historical Problems (based on documentaries about the Holocaust and Holodomor)

Juergen Grimm, Volodymyr Rizun, Andreas Enzminger, Yurii Havrylets, Sergii Tukaiev, Maksym Khylko, Bogdana Nosova

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Professional Journalism Education in Eastern Europe: Ukrainian Experience

Katerina Sirinyok-Dolgaryova

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Music in Radio Broadcasting as a Factor of National Identity Formation

Pavlo Miroshnychenko

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


“Plagiarism” Facebook Group as a Segment of the Anti-Plagiarism Discourse

Olena Ryzhko

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Ukrainisation Tendencies in Luhansk Regional Printed Press of 1920-1930s

Kateryna Ulyanova

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Scientific Reflection of Public Service Advertisement Concept in International Scope and Historical Aspects

Yaser Hamza Salman Al Khudiry

Abstract     Full text (PDF)

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