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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2016, no. 20, pp. 61-70

ISSN 2312-5160


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Ukrainisation Tendencies in Luhansk Regional Printed Press of 1920-1930s

Kateryna Ulyanova

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, Department of Journalism and Publishing, 1 Hohol Square, 92703 Starobilsk, Luhansk Region, Ukraine

* Corresponding author’s e-mail address: ulianovakm[@]



The main objective of the study is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the functioning of Luhansk regional periodicals in the scope of Ukrainisation (indigenization), which was implemented by the Bolshevists in the 1920-30s, and promoted the formation and understanding of Ukrainian national self-identification.

Methods. The synchronous analysis is used to perform a comprehensive characterization of the scientific object at the particular stage of historical development. Since the study is mainly descriptive, core research methods are also descriptive, combined with various methods and procedures of scientific analysis, including comparative historical and retrospective.

Results. The Ukrainisation process in media primarily affected the functioning of periodicals that were massively re-orientated to Ukrainian language. The period of 1920-30s was the most productive. Totally, there were about 100 functioning Ukrainian newspapers. However, they were only formally Ukrainian, when the semantic level of these publications absorbed the negative sides of indigenization processes, including primary focus on masses, which practically meant narrowing the role of journalism to be the ideological service of party and state policy. The course to Ukrainisation was actively supported by the national conscious people of Donbas, including clerisy, coordinated around “Zaboy” / “Literary Donbass” magazine, the only one existing at the time. The activity of the magazine in late 20s – early 30s of XX century effected rising of general cultural level of readers, impacting the modernization of national consciousness of Luhansk people.

Conclusions. The study of indigenization policy and its consequences for printed press in Luhansk region reveals the social nature of journalism in general, emphasizing its creative aspect in gratification of spiritual and cultural needs of East Ukrainian community, associated with protection of Ukraine national interests.


KEYWORDS: Ukrainisation; Luhansk press; “Zaboy” magazine.



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