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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2016, no. 19

Table of Contents


Editorial   (PDF)


Objectification of Subjectivity: International Experience in Selection of TV Stimuli in Mass Media Effect Research

Yurii Havrylets, Volodymyr Rizun, Sergii Tukaiev, Maksym Khylko

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Social Impact: Theories, Tools and Examples of Propaganda and Persuasive Statements used in Polish Elections of 2015

Aleksandra Synowiec

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Factors of Ukrainian Media Content Virality on Social Networks, under the Current Conditions

Olviia Husak

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Digital Television in Ukraine: Current State and Prospects of Development

Liudmyla Fedorchuk

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


How Cherkasy Online Media Utilize Content Generated by Social Networks’ Users

Svitlana Koval

Abstract     Full text (PDF)

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