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Current Issues of Mass Communication, 2014, no. 16

Table of Contents


Editorial   (PDF)


Activities Supporting the Development of Media Literacy in European and Slovak Context

Petranova Dana, Vrabec Norbert, Mazakova Slava

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Contexts of the Network Communication’s Origin

Horodenko Lesya

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Conversion of the Mass Audience and its Impact on the Configuration of Media

Tinka Jozef, Krulova Stefania

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Development of the Concept of Free Sources as a New Reality of the Contemporary Media Environment

Afanasieva (Horska) Kateryna

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Media Communications: Evolution of the Conceptual Approaches (Part ІI)

Tsymbalenko Eugene

Abstract     Full text (PDF)


Influence of the Mass Media Content on Ukrainian Society

Khylko Maksym, Kornieiev Vitalii

Abstract     Full text (PDF)

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